1 Song Mixed By Nice


1 Song Mixed By Nice


Get 1 Song Mixed By Fred Nice

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Please MAKE SURE the session that you send to the company’s email is a Pro-Tools 8 or later session… or the “Tracked-Out” .wav stem’s of each file, vocals, instrumental if your session was not recorded on a Pro-Tools application.

(details on how to send the session are listed below)

  • The Session, not the .mp3 & not the .wav

  • There is nothing we will be able to do with the .mp3 or the .wav in terms to “Mixing”

  • Again, thank you for your business & we hope to do great business with you again.

How to send Session(s)

  • Open your internet Browser

  • Enter www.wetransfer.com

  • Make sure the file that you send is a compressed .zip of the session or session(s) that are scheduled to be Mixed

  • Enter your email as the composers email

  • the recipient email is info@iamfrednice.com